Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Dog

A young man died last week.  His courageous family began his obituary with these words: "...passed away the age of 21, succumbing to his own private, internal struggles by his own hand."  Winston Churchill called his mental illness his "black dog".  My daughter has struggled with mental illness, and blogged briefly about a particularly painful episode.  Her blog is still up.  Please visit.

Perhaps you know someone with mental illness.  Perhaps you don't easily find words to offer understanding and support.  Terri Cheney has written a book that can help the uninitiated get a glimpse inside the dungeon of a troubled mind.  "Manic".  Available everywhere.  A sobering read.


  1. I will read this book. Not a week goes by that I don't think of my high school friend Elizabeth who found life too difficult to endure. Haunting still, for those who didn't then -- and still don't -- understand the torment and pain. Thanks for sharing your daughter's story. - Shannon