Friday, June 3, 2011

Stepping Into the Void

Are you taking a vacation this summer? Look for a zip line. They are strung over canyons and raging rivers and through tree tops. Afraid of heights? So am I.

My fear of heights is not mental. It's physical. My skin crawls and I feel sick to my stomach. But I rode a zip line and I'm glad I did. The zip line that I rode is a tree top monster. The rider straps into her harness and clips into the trolley 200 feet above the forest floor. The trolley is clipped onto the cable which sags just enough to propell the rider out over the abyss. At the beginning and end of each cable is a platform. To start the ride you have to step into the void.

Isn't that what we need to do sometimes? Step into the void. On the zip line the harness and trolley protect you from falling. In life we have a virtual harness and trolley. The harness frees the mind to engage the world. My virtual harness is my imagination, ambition and determination. The trolley guides the glide. My virtual trolley is my knowledge, skills and abilities honed with training and practice. The zip line ride was thrilling. It also helped me see the merit in taking a calculated risk. The next life-void won't seem so scary.

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