Saturday, December 24, 2011

Data Points

I no longer work in an office.  When I did, I maintained a personal goal to use as little business jargon as possible. Much of it is awful.  "Give me your input" is one of the older pieces of business slang.  I did not suggest that we "throw it at the wall to see if it sticks."  However, one bit of business slang is useful for this post: "Data points".  Used this way: "If you have several data points you may be able to draw a conclusion."

Here are my Christmas Eve data points. 
  • Use of the word "Christmas" in public space is frowned upon, banned or prosecuted depending on the level of notice it receives. 
  • Congress is convened in its daily work with a prayer that specifically invokes "The Lord" or "God". 
  • West Point Military Academy produces a wonderful Christmas concert, at taxpayer expense, that includes hymns and carols that refer to the birth of Jesus, God, heaven, and many associated wonders. 
  • Many churches will be closed tomorrow, Christmas day, so that parishioners can spend the holiday in celebration (opening presents) at home.
My conclusions:  it is impossible to separate a people from their culture.  Culture is dynamic, adding and subtracting as times change.  It is difficult to draw a bright line between religion and shared cultural heritage.  When we try, we appear as intolerant as those who drove many to our shores.

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