Thursday, July 26, 2012

Open Daily 7:30AM - 9PM

I am sitting in a comfortable chair with a table by my side. I have tea and a piece of chocolate. The hostess has just tidied the lobby and wiped the table where another customer had left newspapers and a coffee cup. From my seat I can see my laundry tumbling in two driers. There is music. The tumbling is mesmerizing. I admire the plants growing in pots placed on the counter behind the washers. This small business is thriving. The owner is resourceful and friendly. She sells soap by the small cup - just enough for one load. It was her idea to put in plants. She keeps the reading stand stocked with current magazines and children's books. The carpet is spotless. Each machine is clean of lint. I look at the business cards on the bulletin board. Customers come here from neighboring communities. They bypass other laundromats to patronize Sea Breeze Laundry. Self serve laundries are a commodity. She has differentiated with ambiance and service. She built her success on her initiative and high standards. Our Presidential election may alter the fate of the entrepreneur.  The owner of the Sea Breeze has achieved what is the dream of many.  I am using her wi-fi to tell her story.

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