Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saudi Olympian Addendum

In June I wrote about Dalma Rushdi Malhas.  She is the young woman who has achieved success as a show jumper with her horse, Caramell KS.  At the time, she was expecting to be the only female athlete to represent Saudi Arabia in the Summer Olympics. 

Sadly for Dalma, Caramell KS was injured and she withdrew from competition.  Apparently the IOC was a bit relieved, as her previous competitive success at the Youth Olympic Games was considered "below the qualifying standard".  Her acceptance at the Games would have required a qualification waiver which the IOC was reluctant to provide.  Funny.  The IOC accepted the Saudi woman (girl, really) who was entered in the heavy weight Judo class.  She clearly was not qualified.  There was another Saudi woman, Sarah Attar entered in track.  She runs cross country in the US for Pepperdine  She finished her 800m qualifying heat 45 seconds behind the winner, failing to reach the next round.

Perhaps in 2016, there will be more Saudi women on the team.  These young women paved the way.

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