Friday, September 7, 2012

Isn't This Supposed to be a Secret?

It's happened again: top secrets on page 3.  In today's newspaper there is an Associated Press story with this headline: "More Spies, Diplomats to Syrian Border".  I thought the deployment of spies was a top secret event.   Why does James Bond need all his fancy fake passports and rocket throwing cars if every one knows there is a new spy in town.  Should be easy to spot him if you know what you are looking for.  In our small town home in Alaska we could always tell when someone had an out-of-town banker or lawyer visiting - it would be the person in a business suit carrying a leather briefcase.

The AP story explains that the spy deployment is part of a "...two-pronged effort by the Obama administration to bolster the rebels militarily without contributing weapons to the fight, and politically to help them stave off internal power challenges by the well-organized and often better-funded hard-line Islamic militants who have flowed into the country..."  And then "Officials [who had been briefed] spoke on condition of anonymity".   What kind of spy - referred to in the article as "intelligence operatives" wants his assignment announced to the world before he even arrives at his destination?  What kind of "official" gossips to the press?  What kind of administration allows this kind of behavior to continue to happen?

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