Thursday, October 18, 2012

My name is Carlos. How can I help you?

If you are very lucky, you will find "Carlos" at the answer end of your call for help.  I don't mean help in a life threatening crisis.  I mean the kind of help that consumes your afternoon (or midnight hours) as you trouble shoot the problem that has  blocked you out of your own computer.  My problem was with my phone - a Sony Xperia Ion.  Carlos was in the Dominican Republic where Sony has a call center.  It was pure luck that put Carlos on the phone when I was ready to throw mine out the window.  Actually, he was the second Carlos to whom I spoke that day.  The first Carlos put me on hold "for a quick second" and never returned.  Carlos # 2, aka Carlos Fernandez, stayed with me for four hours.  We each ate lunch.  As rebooting occurred, first on the phone, and then, repeatedly, on my computer through which we would update the phone, we learned about our families and hobbies and talked about cruising in Alaska. My husband joined us and we talked about fishing and the species he caught in warm water.  He asked about salmon - that world renowned cold water fish caught with relative ease in SE Alaska.  I took a break to take our dogs out.  When I was in deepest despair, Carlos was right there with "not to worry", and we turned to plan B.  Then plan C.  We used every port on my computer, and moved over to my husband's.  When Carlos was stumped we searched the owners manual (107 pages) together. We fixed everything.  We cheered one another.  The mess was tidied.  The mysteries revealed.  The storm passed. 

Here's a shout out to Sony and to Carlos.  We mortals are at the mercy of the electronics that rule our lives.  I happily carry today the phone I was ready to toss yesterday.

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