Thursday, April 4, 2013

Road Trip

My husband and I drove east earlier this week.  Our destination was New Dayton, Alberta.  We went there to pick up a new puppy - and three of his brothers who we brought back to Western Washington for other people.  We drove 1600 miles in three days.  The return trip included our two adult dogs as well as the four puppies.  We shared the full-sized four-door cab of our truck with the dogs for 16 hours (including stops).  We actually had a good time.  There were many sights along the way. We crossed the Rockies in Canada on the way to New Dayton, and in Montana on the way home.  The scenery was spectacular.  One of my favorite roadside attractions on a trip across Washington are the crop signs in Grant County.  Grant County is in the middle of the state, on the eastern side of the Columbia River.  It was settled in the early 19th Century.  Early settlers raised cattle. By the middle of the century crops had replaced much of the grazing land.  The soil in Grant County is rich, built up after years of glaciation.  In the 1930's development of power projects on the river made irrigation possible.  Crops and food processing are now economic engines.  The crop signs hang on the fences that border the Interstate.  Potatoes mostly.  But a nice mix with alfalfa, tree fruit and onions.  The signs are bordered by flashy flags, making it easy to spot even at 70 miles per hour.  I like the Grant County mission statement:
The mission of Grant County is to meet current and future needs, serving together with public and private entities, while fostering a respectful and successful work environment.

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