Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Wiped Down the Machines?

In the news tonight is a brief respite from the scandals and protests.  In  Northern Ireland, County Fermanagh at the 5 star resort Lough Erne a new tension arose among the world leaders.  The G8 Summit brought them there, journeying finally through the small village of Enniskillen.  (A note about the Irish economy.  It is still awful.  The Summit hosts dressed up the empty store fronts of Enniskillen with wrap around posters to hide the sorry truth.)  To get a taste of the scope of available pleasure at Lough Erne visit this BBC presentation.  Watch the commercial to get to the film clip shot just before the guests arrived.  Today we learn that the vast resort was unable to accommodate the requests of Presidents Obama and Putin who both wanted exclusive use of the hotel gym at the same time.  In a sort of "rock, paper, scissors" triage, President Obama's request trumped as it was phoned in first.  President Putin went for a fast swim in a cold local lake.  This has all been well covered by the media.  Imagine the photo opportunity.  Imagine the security nightmare.  Imagine what might have happened.   Seems to me they missed a chance to talk.

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