Monday, July 15, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Part 2

After lunch today I take our puppy to the dog park.  The park is a feature of our retirement community.  There is no one there when we arrive.  I sit on the grass in the shade and try out toys from the park stash.   Our puppy is five months old - all legs.  He prefers the old fire hose, flattened and sewn into a rough triangle. Second choice is a tennis ball.  He fetches some, and then lies down to chew.  I lie next to him and look up through the trees.  I am a child again.  I am very lucky.  My childhood memories embrace me.  I think about my own children who are raising their families now.  I hope it is the same for them when they grow old.  No one comes to the park while we are there.  An hour passes.  The puppy is tired.  We walk home.

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