Saturday, December 21, 2013

All is Calm

If you live in Minneapolis you might already know about this theatrical concert.  I have just learned of it.  Playwright Peter Rothstein and musical arranger Erick Lichte collaborated on this production which opened in Minneapolis shortly before Christmas in 2007. All is Calm tells the story of the truce initiated and celebrated by men from the trenches - opposing armies mired in mud and snow with a life expectancy measured in weeks.  In November of 1914, the first year of the war, men dug in on both sides of "no man's land" began to offer impromptu concerts.  They sang patriotic songs, army ditty's, and as Christmas approached, they sang Christmas carols.  On Christmas eve a German first, and then men from both sides stood up, stepped out and offered their hands.  They sang, exchanged greetings and small gifts, and played soccer.  Ordered back to their trenches they retreated to four more years of slaughter.  All is Calm is an intimate and honest account of this truce.  It is based on, and narrated by letters home, war journals, radio broadcasts and similar first hand accounts.  Here is a link to the website where you can learn more and watch the trailer.  I hope it comes to a theater near me.

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