Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow and the Internet

We have had cold weather and snow.  Temperatures moderated before our last snowfall.  Our quiet neighborhood was invaded by snowmen.  Actually, snow men and snow women, and snow forts.  The young, and the young at heart could not resist the dense, moisture laden snow.  Today we have rain.  Snow has melted from lawns and driveways.  The snow objects remain, some still recognizable, others mere slushy puddles of twigs, carrots and scarves.  I entered "snowman"  on my search bar. There are many entries guiding the reader to the proper construction of a snowman.  (I am not surprised as I have noticed that our supermarket sells a large russet spud wrapped in plastic wrap with a label telling the purchaser how to bake the potato.  The "value added" includes a hole already poked in the potato to prevent exploding in the oven, the wrap and the directions.  The "product" cost twice as much as a similar size potato.)  On the Internet you can learn how to have fun in the snow.  The selections on snowman construction are quite detailed and tell you what supplies to collect in advance: scarf, hat, carrot, sticks and coal or stones for the eyes. Here is a link to the instructions offered by The Learning Channel.  I am glad such information is available but cannot imagine who would need to turn to the Internet when 8 sticky inches of snow call from outside.  Here is a picture of a snow man built by my sons and their children several years ago.

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