Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beverage Apparel

Do you know what that is?  Wearable drinks?  First was the Camelbak line of "hydration accessories".  Now comes Product Ventures with Beverage Apparel following the same concept as Camelbak that water should be easy to pack and drink even when your hands are not free.  You may not be training for an endurance event for which you want your water conveniently arranged in a backpack-type sling, but you will be glad that people like Product Ventures CEO Peter Clarke have devoted their careers to packaging.

The US Centers for Disease Control estimates that  300,000 people visit the hospital annually as a result of lacerations incurred while trying to open plastic packaging.  "Wrap-rage" injuries sustained by consumers attempting to open a plastic clamshell package are now the fifth most common cause of non-fatal injury.  Clamshell is the term for molds that entomb your electronic gadget or your child's new toy in one or two layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic which is sealed around the edges. 

Clarke's company offers industrial design services that include "ergonomics, anthropometrics, and usability assessment".  In other words, his engineers understand what can be done by the normal human hand without the help of teeth or scissors.  Clarke's message is straightforward: "If you seek to improve your consumers' experience by leveraging the power of design, please contact me and let's work together to optimize your brand for success."  Clarke also offers packaging design for beverages.  His company was asked what the future of beverage packaging may look like.  They forecast a new packaging platform which leverages the minimalist and compact nature of pouches - like boxed wine, only light weight and streamlined so your drink is part of your sports regalia.  This new package format is called beverage apparel.  Maybe easy to open packages for printer cables are next. 

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