Monday, January 10, 2011

Stone Soup

I love soup.  I see leftovers as ingredients for soup.  I  chop up the biggest turkey carcass to put in my stock pot.  I have discovered that pureed sweet potato can thicken a soup as well as butter and cream.  I keep twelve varieties of dried beans in my cupboard.  I have ham hocks in the freezer.  I believe that my food processor is my friend.  I keep canned corn and frozen peas on hand for quick vegetable flavor.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that January is National Soup Month. And also, February 4 is Homemade Soup Day.  There's more - the second week in November is Split Pea Soup Week.  On his website  my "Holiday Director" tells me that January will be publicized on calendar sites as  National Soup Swap Month urging me to swap a soup recipe with a friend.

So here you go: take a large pot, add water and then a nice smooth stone.  Bring to boil. Invite neighbors to bring just a bit from their garden or larder. When others inquire, invite their contribution, too.  Stir frequently. Season with salt.  Enjoy.  Stone soup is a folk tale told in many different cultures.  It memorializes the timeless nurture of hot, aromatic, nourishing soup.  Try some tonight.

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