Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Am

How many ways can we define our self?  Mother, wife, sister.  Forester, artist, nurse.  These are the old ways.  They are part of the old paradigm.  Each of these roles exist in the space and time continuum occupied by our physical bodies.  The Internet and the world wide web expand the possibilities.  I can exist in virtual worlds whose dimensions are timeless and boundless.

A stunning illustration of the potential of virtual being was posted today.  Eric Whitacre, composer and musician, offered the opportunity to any singer who wanted to join his virtual choir.  On his web site were the music, scored for three women's and four men's parts; an audio piano recording of the piece, his original "Sleep"; and a video of himself conducting.  Members of the choir selected themselves for the role.  They learned their part, and uploaded a video of themself singing their part.  The result is breath taking.

In the unique musical world created by Whitacre, 2,052 people from 58 different countries can say, "I am a member of a virtual choir."  Look at their faces and listen to the music.  What next?

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  1. Saw that! Pretty cool. On a completely unrelated matter I just found out the Fido's Farm story airs Monday May 2 at 7PM on KING 5. Sorry for the incredibly short notice

    Take care , Saint