Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spend Five Minutes at the Opera

Even if you have never liked opera, I recommend this short excursion.  Much of the image of opera is formed by the sopranos and tenors whose coloratura brilliance is easily admired.  But there are other voices, too.  In Mozart's Magic Flute, sings Sarastro, the sorcerer and embodiment of light.  The plot is simple - a battle between the forces of dark and light.  There is a Queen of the Night, an innocent daughter, a gallant young man and an evil high priest.  And there is Sarastro - a character whose rock of Gibraltar presence translates across language barriers and down through the centuries.  Sit back, click on this link and listen to Sarastro.  This is his aria "Within This Hallowed Dwelling". The very deep bass.  Who would not be comforted. 

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