Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Evangelicals

I am not welcomed to the political table set by the evangelicals.  Their "all or none" beliefs don't accommodate a different point of view.  Too bad, because there is much we care about in common, especially the importance of accountability and smaller government.  And now the political season moves into full stride.  The evangelicals can't win.  They can, and should, inform and influence the debate.  I can hear them better when they explain their view rather than condemn mine.  We are not so far apart that either of us can claim the other to be empty of a moral compass.  I am thoughtful and principled, as are they.  The question they raise with their political ascendancy is existential.  Do we Americans demand adherence to a common moral code? or do we accommodate ourselves to a broader view?  Our ancestors came here in search of the latter.

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