Saturday, January 7, 2012


You probably know many Jennifers.  "Jennifer" has been one of the top ten names for girl babies since the 1960's.  Its popularity peaked in the early '70's during which it was the # one parents' choice for a daughter.  Among the 4,000 Jennifers named in Illinois in each of those years was Jennifer L. Ellinger from Hanover Park Illinois.  She and the other Jennifers came of age in a new world.  Girls had opportunities unimagined by older women.  Jennifer Ellinger was welcomed into career service with the United States Navy - not in supply or support.  Onboard. In the chain of command.  This week Commander Ellinger aboard a Navy destroyer, the USS Kidd, called her Urdu linguist to the bridge.  He spoke in their common language with the captain of the Al Molai, an Iranian fishing vessel .  The Somali pirates who controlled the Al Molai could not understand what the captain said when he pleaded for help.  Commander Ellinger's crew boarded the Al Molai, freed the crew and took the Somali's captive.  All in a days work. 

I present Commander Ellinger.  Well Done.

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