Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today is Bach's birthday.  Born on March 21st, 1685.  The "all symphony" station on my satellite radio is playing all Bach today.  It is an orgy at which I am not yet satiated.  I have heard musicians from every genre say that their music is better because they studied Bach.   I have heard musicians at the top of their career describe an out-of-body experience as they play the twists, turns and returns of a Bach piece. I have played Bach myself, breathless, looking for a ledge on which to take a short break as I climb through a fugue.  Bach is peerless.  He is at once the master of baroque and the pioneer of the romantic music that others wrote 100 years after his death.  If you haven't listened to Bach today, here is a link for tomorrow.

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  1. Mesmerized by the music and especially the handwritten score at 0:44 in the video!