Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Going Off Grid

We are heading out fishing in the morning.  We will be out of cell phone and marine radio range.  We are in Southeast Alaska.  Tonight in the inner harbor at Wrangell.  Tomorrow turning south to waters where we have fished  king salmon for many years.  We will follow a familiar routine, trolling slowing along a ledge or across a stream current.  We might stop and anchor to set a crab trap. We might just sit and watch the water.  There might be whales, or porpoises, or dolphins.  There will be ravens calling, gurgling, knocking and clucking in their throats.  Maybe a kingfisher.  Certainly eagles and the first of the migrating Rufus hummingbirds.  Early next week we'll return our boat to her stall in Ketchikan.We'll wash the decks, fill the water tanks, dump the ice and plug in to shore power.  We'll hear the bleep bleeping of our arsenal of phones and computers coming back to life.  We'll look at the pictures we took of those magic days of electronic silence  and start planning for our next trip. 

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