Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Police Blotter Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I read a small town newspaper.  It has a Police Blotter that describes local police and State trooper activity.  During the period April 30 through May 20 there were five domestic assaults.  Three were committed by women.  This caught my eye.  I read the Police Blotter regularly, and in the past, most domestic assaults were committed by men.  I looked for more information about women offenders.

Women comprise less than 10% of the US prison population: 113,000 vs 1,500,000 men.  However, in the last decade, the percent increase in female prisoners was almost twice that of male prisoners.  The little bit of information provided by the small town  Police Blotter fits a sad pattern.  57.2% of females report sexual abuse before admission to prison versus 16.1 % of males.  69% of these women  reported that the assault occurred before age 18.  These women grew up in a violent environment, and increasingly are turning to violence themselves.  7 in 10 of incarcerated women have minor children; 1,300,000 children who, in turn, have grown up with violence.  73% of family violence victims are female.  This is a deadly cycle.  Women may be striking back but they are not gaining safe ground.  Read more for yourself at http://www.oip.usdoi.gov/bjs

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