Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In the News Today

Here is a sampling of the stories in the first few pages of our local paper. The Senators who represent states hard hit by "superstorm" Sandy are asking the President to add more relief aid to his next budget proposal.  Wind energy advocates, including Governors and industry executives, are demanding a continuation of the federal subsidies supporting the production of wind electricity.  The President will hold a series of campaign-style events after Thanksgiving which will build on over 100 rallies organized by labor unions urging Congress to avoid cuts to entitlement programs. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff argued against the demotion of four star General William Ward despite a finding of lavish personal use of federal funds.

Everyone has a hand out these days.  Even a 100% increase on income over $250,000 will not help - not even raise enough to save the wind energy subsidy.  Before we reach agreement on the best solution to our budget deficit, I believe we need to reach agreement on some basic civics principles.  Civics - the study and science of the privileges and obligations of citizens.  It used to be taught in high school.  I wonder if it still is.

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