Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meet Rep. Thomas Tudor Tucker, SC

Representative Tucker was born in Bermuda, received his medical education in Scotland, and settled in Charleston, SC.  He served as a surgeon in the Army and after the war was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives.  He ran successfully for Congress and served two terms.  He subsequently served as Treasurer of the United States under four consecutive Presidents.  In his first term, during a floor debate he expressed concern that a proposed action would exceed Congressional authority as specifically established in the Constitution.  The year was 1789.  The action under consideration was a resolution to be proposed to the President that a national day of thanksgiving be declared.  Representative Tucker said this: " Why should the President direct the people to do what, perhaps, they have no mind to do?  If a day of thanksgiving must take place, let it be done by the authority of the several States."  As I read his words today, and think of the actions proposed by the Federal Government that I have no mind to do, I say Amen.  

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