Monday, January 28, 2013

Never Too Old

Today I heard from my cousin that he had celebrated his 87th birthday.  On the same day, he received a contract from his publisher for a new book on John Phillip Sousa.  And....he was hired to write a centennial history of a private club.  I invite you to visit his web page to see why this remarkable man is so popular with his readers.  He writes about many things. I am most familiar with his works on Verdi, but proudly count his fable, "The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice" in my own library.  George and I share a passion for opera, so he will not be surprised to know that he has company in his ninth decade of achievement.  Italian tenor Angelo Loforese was 90 when he sang Verdi's aria for tenor, Di Quella Pira from "Il Trovatore".  The aria is sung by the hero Manrico in rage and determination to save his mother, the acknowledged witch Azucena, from being burned at the stake.  Here is a very poor video of his performance.  The piano should be closed, and the camera angle improved, but the high "C" is clear and strong. 

To hear this powerful piece sung by the champion, listen to Pavarotti below.

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