Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bring on the Puddy Tat

In football stadiums, concert halls, high school drama performances and elementary school spelling bees several in the audience are tweeting.  Kids walking, moms waiting, boy friends and girl friends, perfect strangers are sending 140 character messages.  Tweets have made their way into mainline news.  Tweets are shown on a lower-screen crawl.  Tweets are referred to and shown full screen during a story.  Not just tweets from those in the news or making the news.  Tweets from us - the folks.  Tweets from whoever sends them in.  Why?  What is the relevance of a 140 character comment from someone like me? Theaters are now setting aside seats in the rear for people who want to tweet.  Who wants to read this stuff?  In vintage Warner Brothers, Tweety Bird vanquishes the foe.  Its time to turn the tables.  Bring on the Puddy Tat.

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