Saturday, February 16, 2013

Get a Grip

Get the media a paper bag to breathe into.  They are hyperventilating.  Their oxygen-deprived brains cannot distinguish between the horrible things that happen to people, and the merely inconvenient.  The plight of the Carnival Triumph was certainly inconvenient - grossly inconvenient.  But "horror at sea" as the headlines screamed?  If those five days were a horror, what is left to describe the plight of miners trapped under ground?  Of elementary school children at the hand of a man with a gun?  Of people in the path of a tidal wave? 2.5 billion people in the developing world lack flushing toilets and running water.  They would be glad for the primitive improvisation provided to the Triumph passengers by their hard working crew.  Our rich societies suffer from learned delicacy.  Get a grip. 

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