Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Admirals Behaving Worse Than Badly

This story is in the news.  You can find it at the link or in any newspaper.  The Navy's highest officers accepting bribes in exchange for classified information about ship movements.  Glenn Defense Marine Asia provides dockside services to the Navy, hundreds of millions of dollars worth over the last quarter century.  Glenn's chief executive assures his company's success by buying intelligence.  This story would be bad enough without the details.  Money alone was apparently not enough.  Prostitutes sealed the deal.  This story is beyond sordid.  The three officers who are currently the target of the Navy's criminal investigation seem to have over-reached.  Perhaps it was the tickets to the Lady Gaga concert that caught someone's eye.  If business with Glenn is done this way today, it was done in the same manner yesterday, and last year, and last decade.  I am reminded of an admonition to young men: "a stiff prick has no conscience".

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