Sunday, November 24, 2013

Food and Drug Administration Guidance #213

You can be a quick study on this important topic: prophylactic use of antibiotics by the food industry.  Over the last quarter century harmful bacteria have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics.  The result has been disease and death to humans from invasions that were previously combated or cured.  The majority of antibiotics sold today are to the growers of meat and poultry - administered as a potential defense to disease which might reduce productivity and increase the cost of their product.  Efforts to address this problem through regulation have failed in the past.  Now there is FDA Guidance # 213 which urges a new approach. You can read an excellent summary in a recent Science magazine editorial .  Donald Kennedy has spent his long career in this field, and now as President Emeritus of Stanford University, uses his bully pulpit to speak common sense.  You can also read Guidance # 213 here.  It's an easy read.  Makes sense to me.

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