Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shout Out to the Lacey Police

I live in Lacey, WA.  Lacey is a quite town of 44,000.  In 1853 the first school in South Puget Sound  was built here by Steven Ruddell.  Forty years later Saint Martin's College opened its doors.  Incorporation of Lacey came later, and with it the expected services: water, fire fighting, public works and police.  Today, a stone's throw from the site of Steven Ruddell's school, I met a member of the Lacey police force.  I was impressed. My friend's truck was stolen ten days ago.  It is a farm truck, a bit rusty and dusty, but low mileage and serviceable.  It is a small Nissan, gray.  It had a camper top.  My friend has hauled sheep in her truck; hay, feed, equipment and dogs.  She filed a police report and expected the worst.  We all assumed the truck was gone.  Today, a police officer was on his beat, cruising neighborhoods, protecting the peace and looking for trouble.  In a trailer park on the edge of one of Lacey's five lakes, he saw a truck parked "in an odd way" as he told us later.  It was right near a dumpster, set off from the homes, almost into the trees and brush at the lake's edge.  He called in the license plate.  Then my friend heard from headquarters.  They had found her truck.  He waited there for her, helped her go over the truck and record the damage.  The camper top was gone, the back window broken, but the truck was otherwise undamaged, drivable, and vacuumed!  We guessed that the thief intended to sell it.  Crime rates in Lacey are low.  Recently Sperlings's Best Places designated our town the "Most Secure Mid-sized City".  I can see why.

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