Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Pain of Others is Not News

Weathermen say that the tornadoes tearing through the south are not unusual.  They have happened before and will happen again.  We know about the human tragedy left in their wake - know from video and film and first hand accounts. It is almost unbearable to learn the fate of Daniel Wassom. Wassom, his wife Suzanne and their two girls, Lorelei, 5 and Sydney, 7 took shelter in the center hallway of their home.  Wassom sheltered his girls with his own body and died - crushed to death by a beam that broke Lorelei's shoulder.  The rapacious reporters push microphones at survivors and loved ones and ask how they feel.  What possible answer?  Why do we have to interfere with their suffering to fill the hours of cable news?  Can't they be left alone to gather their strength and grieve in private?  The tornadoes of the 19th Century ravaged the same plains and left similar victims in their wake.  Perhaps in a diary, or private letter there are accounts.  Families share their grief and hand down stories of heroism.  I feel as though I have invaded the privacy of those on television today.  I don't like it.


  1. Ernesta, I so very much feel the same about the media. Why can't they let people grieve in private?


  2. If you'd like to help Suzanne a few of her friends have set up some charity sites that i'll list below. Suzanne is my best friend and we met wile she was relief society president. shes a strong person and others curiosity will not hurt her from heeling-most likely she'll just use there inconsiderateness as an opportunity to talk about something other then Dan. Please help her if you can.