Saturday, August 9, 2014

Man Hug

From the "Urban Dictionary": A handshake that transitions into a hug-like, semi-embrace that lasts no more than one second and may be accompanied by a firm slap on the back. An acceptable way for one guy to show appreciation for another male friend.

Verdi  was way ahead of his time.  In his epic masterpiece, "Don Carlo" he provides the tenor and baritone leads a magnificent duet in which a Man Hug is mandatory.  The men are Spanish noblemen.   They are acknowledging their bond and pledging themselves to liberate the oppressed people of Flanders.  Their commitment is dangerous and treasonous.  The oppressor is their own king, Phillip of Spain.  Carlo, the tenor, on the right in the video, is the king's son.  This clip is drama at its best.


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