Monday, August 25, 2014

Remembering the Dead

I am at a loss for words.  On Sunday, the memorial mass for slain journalist James Foley took place in his home town.  A letter of condolence sent by Pope Francis was read.  The congressional delegation representing New Hampshire sat with the Governor.  The President chose not to send a representative.  On Thursday of the previous week Major General Harold J. Greene was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.  General Greene was serving in Afghanistan.  He was shot at close range by a terrorist.  Hundreds of people joined his family at the funeral.  His wife, retired Army colonel Susan Myers, his son Army First Lt. Matthew Greene, and his daughter Amelia held hands.  Lt. Greene supported General Greene's father. The President chose not to send a representative.  Today Michael Brown was remembered in a funeral.  Brown was shot and killed in an altercation with a police officer.  President Obama sent three representatives.  The Brown funeral will have been covered extensively by the press.  General Greene's honor deserves the same.  Here is a video.  You may wish to stand and salute.

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