Monday, December 20, 2010

12.21.10 23:38 UTC

Sounds like a football play - 12.21.10 23:38 hike.  Its much more important.  It is the time of this year's winter solstice.  3:38 PM on the West coast, 6:38 PM on the East coast.  Modern references measure out to six decimals the length of the time taken by the sun to return to the same position in a season's cycle.  The Internet provides easy time and date calculators. 

But in a world lit only by fire the winter solstice  meant renewal.  Stonehenge is perfectly aligned with the sun's path on the solstice.  The Scandinavian feast of Juul, the ancient Roman Saturnalia, the Druid Alban Arthuan all celebrated lengthening days.  In a world lit only by fire the long nights following the fall equinox offered little relief from fear of eternal darkness.  In human history, the world was lit only by fire for thousands of years.  Our digital age is a mere fraction of the human experience.  At 23:38 on December 21 reflect on the redemption.

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