Thursday, December 30, 2010

Possible Bag

Is yours ready?  We all pass go tomorrow night at midnight.  I am getting ready with my possible bag slung at my side.  Early in the 19th Century traders began to call  soft-tanned pillow-sized bags "possible bags" in loose translation of the Native American words meaning "a bag for every possible thing".  Mountain men carried a possible bag filled with everything they needed on a day's journey: black powder, flint and steel, lead balls, skinning knife.  The Native American bags are wonderful.  Many from the Plains tribes are on display in museums and galleries.  They are beautifully worked with beads, quills, bone and paint.

A possible bag is just the right kit for New Year's eve.  A virtual bag will do.  In it I will put what I need for my next turn round the board.  What doesn't fit stays behind.  This is the time to lighten the load. 

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