Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whiz With

I mourn the loss of Fred Rogers.  Perhaps you remember his television show and his neighborhood - the gentle way he introduced his young viewers to friendship, finding mutual need, and navigating disappointment and fear.  Neighborhood matters. Just a few blocks,  the whole valley, or an entire state.  The shared experience of safety, prosperity, calamity and recovery bonds us together on a team.  We stick together with pride in our unique signature: "I am a Hoosier". 

Mr. Rogers provided important information to our youngest neighbors.  There was private property, shared responsibility and peaceful resolution of disputes in Mr. Roger's neighborhood.  His fans have grown now and are practicing their skills in the complicated, competitive and conflict laden neighborhoods of the world.  But the child in each adult still cheers for the home team.  Why whiz with?  Because if you are from Philadelphia, you know that means a cheese steak with cheese whiz and onions, and you know exactly how that should taste.  Just as New Yorkers know cheesecake and Down East they know lobster roll. 

In the world, our country is one big neighborhood.  We share a resilient democracy.  We argue among ourselves sometimes - sometimes too much.  I am going to bake a pie and share it with my neighbors.

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