Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dust bunnies formed as soon as I opened the first box - first of several hundred.  We are now day 8 in our new house.  We had our internet installed today.  The previous seven days were "radio-silent".  We hooked up our stereo system over the weekend providing music to unpack by. Willie Nelson offered the right mix of sing-along and remember.

Our new house is in a retirement community.  It is a continuing care community which offers no support, some support or full time support as we "age in place".  We both volunteer at a local sheep farm, herding ewes and wethers and lambs with our dogs.  I am in a martial arts program, working towards my black belt.  I am not ready for support for my daily care, but I'm glad to know it will be there when I am.  This chapter is the last, but may be the longest.  For now, I'm glad that someone else will plow the snow.

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