Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Do I think?

Casey Anthony.  The media never gave her a chance.  They still don't, calling her a killer and questioning the trial and verdict.  The jury were not convinced.  They were there.  Their word is good enough for me.

Congress.  Doing their job.  The system is not broken.  The hot heads in the House acted just as the Constitutional Convention predicted they would - hot-headedly.  The deliberative Senate acted just as the Constitutional Convention predicted they would - more slowly and with more thorough debate.  Read James Madison's notes of the proceedings.  This is the way our legislative branch is supposed to work.

The American people.  Doing their job.  The elected legislators and executives have heard from their constituents that change is needed - less public expenditure.  Despite fear mongering, Granny has not been thrown off a cliff. 

The US economy.  Working.  Everyone is cautiously holding cash.  Consumers are saving more.  Corporations are investing less.  These are uncertain times.  In a free economy such as ours there will be winners and losers.  We have come through a long hold-harmless era during which government has sought to mitigate the consequences of failure.  We cannot afford to indemnify all risk.  The challenge will be to back away a bit.

The Tea Party.  They acted in the way that we advocate in all civics curricula.  They organized around common principles and values and got out the vote for candidates who agreed.  Those with a different view have the same opportunity.  The Tea Party folk have remained focused for over two years.  I'm impressed. 

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