Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go to Your Room

If they are going to act like children, let's treat them like children.  The members of the 112th Congress have squandered the first session and show no likelihood of anything different in the upcoming second session.  Their hand picked committee put the icing on the cake.  Representative Hensarling and Senator Murray can try all they want to suggest that their failure is not a failure.  It is.  They had blue prints from others.  They had the bulliest pulpit.  They had evidence daily of the need for action.  Frustrated, angry and scared constituents were ready to accept some concessions.  The wagon was ready to roll out of the mud.  And they failed. 

Don't blame the President.  Don't blame your party caucus.  Don't blame citizens advocating for their view.  Blame yourselves.  Go to your room.

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