Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Running, Jumping or Playing

Those are the instructions for "At Home" care for my little dog, Floss.  She is a young Border Collie.  She herds sheep.  She can run hard for hours.  At home she has an assortment of squeaky toys.  She squeaks, tosses, stomps and throws them.  Our daily walks involve running to and fro, sniffing and stalking squirrels.  and now, no running jumping or playing for four weeks.

Floss's foot will heal easily.  She is young and the injured bone will be ready to begin rebuilding her strength in week five.  By week eight she will be back at her passions - sheep and toys.  But today - day three, no running, jumping or playing.  Just big eyes watching me type from the depths of the large Elizabethan collar she is wearing.  As with our dogs before her, and no doubt as with those who will follow, she adds joy to our lives.  I will care for her as she recovers, as she will care for me when I ask for her soft muzzle and warm company when I am blue.  We share our unconditional commitment.  And, in January, we will walk out into a field again, and share sheep. 

Here is Floss.

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