Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here's A Science Demonstration You Can Do At Home

You can demonstrate the most powerful force in the known universe right in your own home.  Amaze your children.  Gratify your high school science teacher.  Grow paperwhites.  Let photosynthesis begin! Paperwhite is a narcissus.  Buy several bulbs at any garden store.  Put some pebbles or smooth stones in a glass jar or vase.  Settle the bulbs on the stones and secure them with more stones.  Add water.  Put in a sunny window.  Pull up a chair and watch what happens.  Within days roots will reach down into the watery bed of stone.  Green stems will reach up into the sunlight.  Within weeks the flowers will form, still covered in the growing stem.  And then the blooms.  Fragrant.  Wonderful.  All done by the water and the sun.  Take a break and watch it happen.  Here is a website to help you.

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