Monday, December 31, 2012

Raped to Death

I cannot stop thinking about the young woman in New Delhi who was raped to death.  Raped to death.  I choke on the horror of her ordeal.   Not satisfied with their hour-long assault on the woman, her attackers forced a metal rod into her body.  The media decline to speculate on how this was accomplished.  There are only two orifices through which the rod could enter: anus and vagina.  The damage to her internal organs could not be repaired.  I wonder, was this the rod with which her boyfriend was beaten?  Did she lose consciousness before this final act?  As they lay together on the street, left naked and bleeding by their assailants, could they comfort one another?  Did she have hope for recovery? Will he ever be able to love again?  India is not prepared to prosecute rapists in a way commensurate with their crime.  This incident has been the cause of new promises and proclamations but culture is slow to change. Murder is punishable with death.  The assailants are in custody.  Women around the world will watch. 

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