Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh Tannenbaum

I stopped by a rummage sale yesterday and bought a nice size artificial Christmas tree that was already strung with lights.  It was only $5 because one of the light strings was out.  For $.50 I bought a string of lights.  Today my husband and I took the tree to the boarding kennel where our dogs stay when we travel.  This kennel is wonderful - run in the well worn buildings of a former horse farm.  The dogs' day is nice.  The dogs go out in groups to play each morning.  Then in for a nap, and back out at 1 o'clock for another play.  Supper, and lights out.  I don't worry about leaving the dogs there.  They are glad to go with the staff when we drop them off.  We put the tree up in the kennel office.  We took off the dead lights and strung the good ones.  Plugged in, the tree glowed in the way a tree has glowed in my Christmas every year of my life.  I am sad that I cannot acknowledge Christmas without offending someone.  It is a fact that December 25 is Christmas and that many, like me, associate this season with renewal and commitment.  The Hanukkah menorah that is lit tonight is not  a "Holiday Candlestick".  My tree is not a "Holiday Tree".  Get a grip.

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