Monday, March 17, 2014

3-D Printing, Again

Last October I wrote about 3-D printing.  I recommended an autobiography by Ping Fu, a pioneer in this field.  You can read my post from October, 2013 here.  3-D printing is no longer new.  It is being used in many industries.  Today there is wonderful news of a 3-D success in medicine.  Reported on NPR this morning was the story of 16 month old Garrett Peterson, born with a defective windpipe.  Garrett's breathing and lung function were so compromised that he has never been able to leave the hospital.  This winter, when Garrett was near death, a surgeon teamed with a biomedical engineer and together, using 3-D printing, created two custom splints that could support his failing windpipe.  The surgery was successful and little Garrett is smiling and reaching for toys.  Read the full story here and watch the video of Garrett's surgery.  I am expecting more news like this.  Lives saved with a revolutionary technology.

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