Saturday, March 15, 2014

I am Not Making This Up

The Australian Phillip Island Penguin Foundation has rescued hundreds of penguins over the years, many after oil spills.  They have leaned that it is important to keep the birds from grooming themselves while their feathers are still coated with oil.  If they have a backlog of oiled penguins who must be managed while waiting for their turn in the cleaning lab, they turn to custom knit sweaters, called "jumpers" in Australia.  The little sweater vests do the job. The sweaters are always made of wool.  They prevent self-preening, draw oil out into the wool and keep the little guys warm en route to the Foundations' hot water bath.  The "ah, cute!" factor has yielded a shipping container full of fancy wool vests.  If you're fingers are itching to knit and purl and you are wanting a piece of this action, you will have to wait.  The supply will last for the foreseeable future.  Get ready to say "Ah, cute".  The wool may have cost a few dollars, but the picture is priceless.

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