Saturday, March 8, 2014

Got My Girl Scout Cookies Today

I bought mine the old fashioned way.  No PayPal.  No user name and password.  No custom home delivery. I stood face to face (in the pouring rain) with a genuine girl scout and asked her how much the cookies cost.  She added up the price for my large selection, asked for the money, made change and handed me the cookies. I was happy all the way home until I looked on line for some more information.  I am disappointed to report that Amazon, eBay, and Candyland are among the online retail sources for cookies.  Through Yahoo you can have them delivered to your door.  Immaculate transaction.  No contact with a real girl.  I looked at the website for Girl Scouts of Western Washington.  They offer a nice video about how cookie sales influence girls' lives.  Visit the site yourself.  Watch the short video.  And then ask what benefit accrues to individual girl scouts from sales on eBay. I know the world changes.  This change does not feel good.

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